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Maintenance & Care

What should I do to ensure that my watch continues to provide excellent service for many years?

Magnetic fields

Avoid placing your watch on speakers or refrigerators, since these have strong magnetic fields.

Bathing in the sea

Always rinse your watch with warm water afterwards.


Whether thermal or other, avoid them.


Screw it in carefully to ensure that no water enters the mechanism.


For metal bracelets and for all water resistant cases use a toothbrush with soapy water and a soft cloth for drying.

Chemical products

Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetic products etc., since they may damage the bracelet, the case or the gaskets


Avoid extreme temperatures above 60°C or 140°F below 0°C or 32°F or extreme temperature changes.

Preventative Maintenance

Chronograph push-pieces

Do not operate chronograph pushers under water in order to prevent water entering the mechanism.

Service Intervals

Like any high-precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order to work perfectly. Obviously, we cannot indicate the intervals for such work, which depends on the model, climate and the care taken by the watch's owner. As a general rule, service intervals are between 3 and 5 years, depending on the use of the watch.


Ebel recommends that you follow the steps below in order to preserve the condition of your leather strap as long as possible:

  • Avoid contact with water and dampness to prevent discoloration and deformation.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight to prevent the colour from fading.
  • Do not forget that leather is permeable! Therefore avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetic products.
  • If you have a problem with your leather strap, please contact your nearest Ebel retailer.
  • In spite of the fact that the life expectancy of leather (as an organic material) is limited, sweat and general wear and tear will reduce the life of any strap.